Visibility & SEO of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a very useful website for those after a professional social profile. Users can make lots of connections and networks with other members and can then be found. Richard Foshee said “Optimizing your network and the SEO aspects of your profile can take your profile views go from 0 to 1,000.”

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation”, and this means the visibility a website has when you search for it in a search engine. What also comes into the SEO and visibilty of a website is whether the posts you see top are ‘organic’ or ‘paid for’.

LinkedIn has lots of different ways in which you can optimise your profile and be found by others seeking professionals. One tool that LinkedIn has is the ability to display up to 3 default links on your profile. These can be a company website or a blog link; so people can then find your company by viewing your LinkedIn profile. You can also use keywords that are popular in order to have your profile pop up when people search these popular terms.

LinkedIn also allows its users to have a job title thats specific to them and their business. This title can increase a persons visibility on the internet. If you use words that are desirable, or popular then google will find your LinkedIn profile when someone searches those specific words.

By using keywords and links and its professional manner, LinkedIn has very good visibilty and SEO capabilities for those who are after being found on the internet in order to gain professional connections and a vast network of friends and contacts.

Visibility & SEO of LinkedIn.

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