From keyword to Context based search!

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History is repetitive. Humans created technology and now technology is trying to understand what we want to say!

What do you think when you type a query in the Google search bar? How often you just think of a word for the search bar? Do you ever have a reason, a context behind that search? How often you just got what you were thinking? Yes, this ‘Context‘ defines the changing face of Google search. Take a look-

Google is trying to understand humans!

Your curiosity about the painting or the mysterious smile prompts you to search about ‘the Monalisa’. But Google suggested a lot of things when you typed Monalisa! It simply is trying to understand the intent of your search. Whether you are looking to know about the smile or the painting or a spa, Google gives you results from these possible context and you can go ahead & choose whichever relevant.

Google tries to think what you are searching for!


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From keyword to Context based search!

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