Twitters New Update

Yesterday, iPhones and Androids were given the brand new Twitter update. (version 6.0) This update does take some getting used to, but it has added features that are very useful and will help Twitter grow. These updates include

  1. Simpler navigation: you can now view your DMs quicker with the new ‘messages’ tab at the bottom
  2. 3 timelines: It is now easier to switch between the three timelines that are your own feed, Discover and Activity. This is done by a swipe to the left or right.
  3. Photos in Direct Messages! This, in my opinion is the best addition that the update has to offer; you can now send pictures to people through DMs, this makes it feel much more like a proper messaging platform and make DMs much more popular.
  4. Filters: you can now filter what notifications you get, for example you can filter it by only getting notifications from the people you follow, but you can also favourite an account in order to receive direct notifications from them

A few images of the update on an iPhone:

702381_1491886537703052_1554271326_n 1481139_1491886541036385_338667897_n

I feel this update is much needed, because it brings a better messaging service and easier navigation to the Twitter users, I think this update will make for an increase in the amount Twitter is used.

Twitters New Update

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