Know Your Story!

Imagine you’ve been invited to an interview for that job that you’ve been wishing you’d get for months, and you sit down in the office and your possible future employer asks you that dreaded question… “Tell me your story” The minute you hear those 4 little words you forget everything about yourself except your name and that you’re a cat person. The employer doesn’t need to know this, so know your story!

1. Don’t apologise for what you love. If you love slasher films, or jazz music then own that! Don’t be embarrassed about what you like, use your likes and dislikes to your advantage to make yourself seem attractive to the employer.

2. Talk. Talk. Talk. If you’re asked to talk about yourself or your story, then be prepared to talk for a while about yourself, don’t ramble or sit in an awkward silence because this will make you seem like an unorganised person who doesn’t really know who they are.

3. ALWAYS HAVE AN ANSWER! You could be asked a number of questions during an interview, not just “tell me your story” so prepare for every possible question e.g “what have you done recently to help someone?” “give me an example of when you didn’t succeed” always prepare!

4. Learn to tango. Now this might sound a little silly, but i was recently informed that if you learn to tango, then you will no longer walk into a room lacking confidence. The tango will make you own that room, and you will just ooze confidence. I’ve also heard you will never walk across the room the same. You will be noticed. Employers LOVE confidence.

These are just a few tips on how to prepare for an interview, but don’t forget – Don’t apologise for what you love. 🙂


Know Your Story!

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